Materials and Special Alloys

MMBrazil Business Development represents and sells products from worldclass manufacturers of specialty materials such as:

- Strips, Bars, Profiles, Plates, Wires in Stainless Steel and Special grades for implants, medical and dental applications
  (all Titanium Grades, CrCoMo, F67, F136, F137, F138, F139, F1537 and other alloys)

- Stainless Steels: Wires and bars (0.10 to 10.00 mm) for springs, cold heading, annealed, electropolished and other conditions on request;
  AISI: 302 ; 304L ; 316L ; 310 ; 314 ; 430 ; 430F ; Sandvik 11R51, 12R10, 2RK66, Sanicros and all range of Sandvik grades 

- Stainless Steel and Nickel Wires for MIG, TIG, Submerged Arc and Core Wire;
  308L ; 316L ; 309L ; 308LSi ; 316LSi ; 309LSi ; 430LNb ; 430Ti ; Duplex ; Superduplex ; InconelTM 625 ; InconelTM 72 ; MonelTM ; HastelloyTM and others

- Strips, Bars, Profiles, Plates in Special Grades for Oil and Gas applications
  Duplex; Super Duplex; InconelTM and others

- Wirelines (Slicklines) for low corrosive wells and for harsh environments with Chloride, Sulfur and Carbon Dioxide;
  Carbon Steel API9A (Extra Improved Plow), T-304, T-316, XM19, ALLOY 25-6MO, ALLOY 27-7MO, MP35N®, ALLOY C276, ALLOY 2205, SANICRO 26MO, SANICRO 2205, API9A and others

- Seals, gaskets, rings, o-rings and other components for the oil and gas industry and other segments.
  (inclusive assembled repair kits for valves in Wirelines and Coiled Tubing operations)
  Viton™ (TM: Dupont)
  Teflon™ (TM: Dupont)
  Neoprene™ (TM: Dupont)
  EPBM and others

- Sputtering Targets for coatings via PVD, CVD and Metallization and Parts Manufactured under drawing;
  Tungsten and its alloys
  Tantalum and its alloys
  Molybdenum and its alloys
  Titanium materials
  Niobium grades
  Zirconium grades
  Cobalt, Hastelloy

- Other materials and grades on request.

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