Zapp Metals - Germany (
   Topdur - official agent for Zapp in Brazil (
   - Stainless Steel and Special Grades in  Strips, Bars, Profiles, Plates, Wires.
   - Special grades for Implants, Medical and Dental applications.(Titanium, CrCoMo, F67, F136,
      F137, F138, F139, F1537 and other grades)

  Zapp Precision Wire Inc. – USA (
  - Slicklines for wirelines operation
  - Slickines for low corrosion environment - Slickline API 9A
  - Harsh environments (Clorides, Sulphides, High Temperature and Pressure)
  - Complete Sandvik range of grades (Zapp acquired Sandvik)


   FB-Tecno – Italy (
   - Materials and parts under design in special grades of Tungsten, Cobalt, Molybdenum, Zirconium,                             Tantalum and other alloys.
   - Sputtering Targets for PVD, CVD and Metallization.

Nevatia Steel & Alloys – India (
- Stainless Steel wires for welding
- Electropolished wires (EPQ)
- Core Wire
- Pre-drawn wire

AP Trade Comércio e Importação - Brasil (
- Importation and trading procedures.
- Support for customer's importation. Take care of all importation bureaucracy, clearance
- Optional domestic transportation&delivery to customer's house.

    Retenrol - Retainers Industria e Comercio – Brasil (
    - We also supply repair kits and gaskets for "stand valves", "gas lift" and other operations in wirelines (slicklines) and flexitube operations in the materials below and also in special compositions to suit the applications. Inquire us for technical advice/support.
      Viton TM  (TM: Dupont)
      Teflon ™ (TM: Dupont)
      Neoprene TM (TM: Dupont)

      EPBM and others

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