Testemunhos e Recomendações

Francesco Ugolini Francesco Ugolini
Managing Director at CLAL Inc.
Los Angeles Area, Califórnia, USA

I had the opportunity to work with Michel investigating the potentiality of the Brazilian market to our specialty products.
He understood quite rapidly the market positioning of our niche products and their applications thanks to his long technical and marketing experience.
He is a great professional, focused, energetic and has a goo networking ability.
I strongly recommend Michel as a partner for any company willing to work with him for a sales representation, business development or market investigations.
November 21, 2013, Francesco was with another company when working with Michel at MMBrazil Business Development

Celso Antonio BarbosaCelso Antonio Barbosa
Senai Cimatec Director, Technology and R&D Director at Villares Metals

I had the experience to work with Michel in developing the Brazilian Market for specialty alloys wires, including resistance alloys and nickel base alloys. The success of the initiative was based in his effort to find niche Market opportunities in order to allow us to develop the materials.
July 3, 2014, Celso Antonio was with another company when working with Michel at Sandvik


Oswaldo Moreno Filho Oswaldo Moreno Filho
Adjunt Professor at Fundação Dom Cabral and Consultant for Strategic Planning 
São Paulo Area, Brazil

Michel has a wide experience on Business Development such as: Enterprise account management including meeting key individuals in all areas of their business, understanding key initiatives and goals and developing strategies to sell the companie's products .Triage accounts to find current year opportunities and to fill pipeline for following year .Manage Current Accounts and prospecting and closing new business in assigned territory. 
Cultivate and develop relations with Distributor & Resellers. Interface, Manage, and Develop Strategies with Existing Business Partners. Solve customer problems by selling unique solutions to industry leading organizations along with selective vertical markets.
July 1, 2013, Oswaldo Moreno Filho was with Sandvik-Kanthal when working with Michel at Sandvik

_______________________________________________________________________________ Flavio Benedini
Manager Director at Cubo Incorporação e Participações Ltda.
São Paulo Area, Brazil

I strongly recommend this work on marketing by Michel due to his expertise, background developed through the years based on top management positions at International companies as eg. Sandvik, not only in Brazil but in several countries. He has skills on management, marketing, personnel, engineering background, dedicated on technical, Product Development, Marketing, Sales.
January 15, 2013, Flavio Benedini managed Michel at Sandvik


Wilson Nalini Jr.
Melhoria Contínua Redução de Custos Magna Seating

A MMBrazil Business Development Sales & Marketing  fez a diferença no nosso grupo, capacitando-nos a buscar o potencial de mercado com  inovação, flexibilidade, conhecimento técnico, criatividade para  nosso ramo de atuação e desenvolvimento de novos mercados e aplicações .
Definitivamente, eu recomendo, "projeto de sucesso" .
July 31, 2013, Wilson was Michel's client


Juliano Diniz Juliano Diniz
Sales Manager at Eastman Chemical Company,
former British Petroleum Sales Manager

It was a pleasure to study with Michel and captures his great experience of specialty materials and markets. His large experience in International Company gave him the best view about materials to increase sales by using the voice of customer of the industry and then delivering high value proposition thru applications offers.
December 17, 2011, Juliano studied with Michel at IBP-Brazilian Institute of Oil Gas and Biofuels


Roberto Laguna

Roberto Laguna
Territory Manager Mexico - Sandvik

I had the pleasure to work with Michel as a support for the Mexican market for specialty products, Michel is a professional, dedicated, hard worker and well organized person. Michel’s support was a decisive key to ensure correct product, on time, always on correct specifications. Without hesitation I thoroughly enjoyed working and partnering with him on multiple projects.
April 2, 2014, Roberto worked directly with Michel at Sandvik Materials Technology do Brasil


Gustavo Roselló
Gerente División Industrial - Industrias Bahia

I have been working with Michel for many years and he has been a very nice support to achieve the targets.
November 14, 2013, Gustavo as partner with Michel at Sandvik Materials Technology do Brasil


Alexandre Otsuka Alexandre Otsuka
Welding Specialist - Boehler Welding (Voest Alpine Group)

I had the opportunity to work with Michel for 2 years, when I am very thankful for all the knowledge learned. 
Michel was a great leader, while he demonstrated great commercial and technical knowledge, great customer relationships, market knowledge and experience.
March 23, 2013, Alexandre reported to Michel at Sandvik Materials Technology do Brasil

Marcelo de Souza Medeiros Marcelo de Souza Medeiros
Technical Marketing Engineer Senior – Sales
Sales Manager; Mate Precision Tooling

Michel is an expert about stainless steel market, companies and applications. I have worked with him for some time at Sandvik Materiails Technology and will always be thankful for the great commercial and technical knowledge shared in this period. His relations with customers and team were the best, loyal, sharp and motivating as leader.
May 17, 2012, Marcelo reported to Michel at Sandvik Materials Technology

Wendell Joviano Silva Wendell Joviano Silva
Coordenador de SGI na Aparas Bueno
Campinas Area, Brazil

Durante muitos anos tive a oportunidade de trabalhar indiretamente com o Michel, que sempre se mostrou um profissional aplicado, extremamente capaz e eficaz em suas decisões. Uma pessoa gentil, confiável e com valores essenciais a um Gerente.
April 2, 2012, Wendell Joviano worked directly with Michel at Sandvik Materials Technology do Brasil


Tania CrivellentiTania Crivellenti
Office and Events Manager at Australian Copyright Council Consultancy

Michel is a great person to work with and was a very competent manager when I worked with him. I still remember how he was able to get the best I could offer with a positive attitude, guidance and reinforcement. He hired me straight out of University. Michel was a great trainer and teacher.
July 29, 2011, Tania reported to Michel at Sandvik Materials Technology do Brasil